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Matthew Scott Donnelly, MTV.com

Photo Credit: MTV

Nicole has finally revealed the reason and it ain’t pretty.

Aren’t GIFs just little bits of heaven on a loop? From slow claps to the universal ‘makeup face,’ check out MTV’s best of 2013!

Matthew Scott Donnelly, MTV.com

Photo: Brock Miller and Mr. Photoman/Splash News, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Snooki's Celebuzz, @JillianRoseReed, @EmFitMTV, @HollandRoden, @TylerGPosey, @kaillowry, @ChelseaHouska, @OfficialSekella, @MacyNeedum

See How MTV Stars Celebrated Halloween! [Photos]

Kristina Lucarelli, MTV.com

Check out the full Screening Room clip, and let us know what you think of Theresa’s flub!

Matthew Scott Donnelly, MTV.com

Check out the clip, and tell us if you can understand why Zach flipped out.