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Kristina Lucarelli, MTV.com

When it’s your job to kick back on camera with celebs, having your family around the office 24/7 could get annoying.

Lisa Chudnofsky, MTV.com


Photo: MTV

Catch an all-new episode of ‘The Show With Vinny’ tonight at 10e/p on MTV!

Lisa Chudnofsky, MTV.com

Below, check out what happens when you ask Staten Island’s most notorious senior citizen to see the sights but you accidentally overstay your welcome.

Matthew Scott Donnelly, MTV.com

Vinny Guadagnino’s Staten Island home may be a revolving door for celebrities on “The Show with Vinny,” but it certainly ain’t the lap of luxury.

Kristina Lucarelli, MTV.com

Photo: The NOH8 Facebook page.

Backing the NOH8 campaign is just the latest in the laundry list of good causes Vinny likes to get behind.