Below, the entire crew turns the love over to YOU guys, the people who made it possible for them to experience the wildest ride of their lives for four years.

Upon shocking viewers far and wide with their picture-perfect relationship on “Jersey Shore” this season, Sammi and Ronnie proved they’ve still got some fight in them on the finale.

Matthew Scott Donnelly,

If the feeling you get when considering The End of “Jersey Shore” is too difficult to put into words, then let’s make it a matter of numbers!

During their downtime in Seaside Heights, the “Jersey Shore” cast usually nurse their hangovers with some BBQ and a family game or two.

Matthew Scott Donnelly,

We expected some celebratory fist-pumps and commemorative poufs to pop up as “Jersey Shore” comes to a close, but we honestly didn’t know the show could actually bring people to tears.