Thanks for your interest in MTV’s on-air talent. Please provide the following information to so we can better review your request. Please note that we require at least 7-10 business days to look into a request.

Name of organization:
Event details:
Name, date, time and venue location of the event:
General overview of the event:
Are there any sponsors involved and if so, at what capacity?
Does the event have any media sponsorship, either television, radio, or print media?
Who else is appearing and/or speaking at the event?
How many guests are expected to attend and what’s the demo?
Will the event be recorded and if so, how will the footage be used?

Talent details:
Do you have a specific on-air personality in mind and if so, who?
If the requested on-air personality is unable to participate, is there another you would like to consider for the role/appearance?
What would be the on-air personality’s role at the event?
What is the time commitment involved?
Will speaking notes be provided?
Will transportation be provided?
Is there an appearance fee / honourarium being offered and if so, how much?

Recognition / Promotion:
What recognition will the on-air personality and/or Much / MTV receive for the appearance?
Will a Much / MTV logo appear in any event materials in print, on-line, on-site, for promotions, etc.?
Will a press release be issued regarding the event? Will Much / MTV be mentioned in it?
Do you expect any media coverage of the event and if so, who?
Will we be provided with complimentary tickets to the event and if so, how many?