AUTHOR: andres tardio,

Photo: Getty Images

Last month, Drake’s dad said he and Justin Bieber had “a surprise coming soon.” He also warned us to “stay tuned.” While some speculated on a potential collaboration — Drizzy’s pops is a musician, after all — Bieber is now setting the record straight.

“We’re not doing a collaboration,” Bieber said during an interview with The Bert Show today (Jan. 7). “But [he’s a] super nice guy. I actually met him at The Nice Guy [restaurant] in L.A.”

Bieber might not be working with Dennis G (that’s Drake’s dad’s name), but he did recently remix Drizzy’s “Hotline Bling.” And the two do go way back.

So sorry, but it looks like this collab isn’t happening — unless JB’s planning to surprise us.

Here’s a look at the IG post that started this rumor (with the caption and all):