The trouble in Kylie Jenner lip kit paradise has been … resolved, maybe? Last year, makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Kylie of ripping off her work in promotional shots for Kylie Cosmetics.

Now it seems as if Kylie and Haggerty have reached a sort of agreement—not through money (at least that we know of), but through Kylie’s greatest asset: her exposure to millions on Instagram. Yesterday Kylie reposted a picture of Haggerty’s original work, to both her personal and brand account, captioning it with credit to both the makeup artist and photographer.

Check out this inspiring photograph from @juliakuzmenko and @vladamua! 💋💋💋

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And over the weekend, she posted a shot of metallic liquid lips attributed to Haggerty. There’s speculation that this image was the inspiration for Kylie Cosmetics’ logo itself.

This really is everything 😍 Check out the wonderful makeup art of @vladamua!

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Now that this has been resolved, Kylie has more time to devote to cracking down on the fake-lip-kit epidemic that is sweeping the nation. This has been another edition of Law & Order: Kylie Cosmetics Unit.