AUTHOR: Josh Horowitz,

You can’t spend three and a half hours on an Oscar red carpet and not walk away with some war stories, awkward moments and memories to last a lifetime. VH1’s Janell Snowden and I tag-teamed our coverage this year, and here’s what will stick in my brain:

A Moment With Kristen

Even before she stepped on the carpet, I’d heard that Kristen Stewart was unlikely to stop for any interviews, and once I saw she was hobbling around on crutches, I knew the odds were very long. But credit Janell for using the Horowitz name for all it’s worth. As Kristen hobbled down the path for folks bypassing media, Janell screamed my name at the actress, hoping for a response — and, much to my surprise, it worked! The “Twilight” star stopped and gave me a big smile and hello, even raising one of her crutches in recognition. “What happened?” I asked. She laughed, replying, “I’m an idiot.” Clumsy and cool, as always.

Crazy Collisions

When stars collide, it usually leads to good fun, and indeed, that happened a bunch at our red carpet spot. In one odd moment, Bradley Cooper just had to run up to say hi to Don Johnson. But the one I’m most proud of is introducing Quvenzhané Wallis to Jennifer Hudson — Oscar nominee to Oscar winner. Cute doesn’t begin to describe their interaction, as Jennifer told the 9-year-old she can look forward to always being introduced as “an Oscar nominee” for the rest of her life.

Jennifer’s Happy Meal Dreams

My love for Jennifer Lawrence knows no bounds. And when our lengthy red carpet chat, one of the biggest professional days of her life, devolved into a detailed discussion of her hunger for McDonald’s, I wouldn’t say I was surprised, but that’s only because nothing surprises me about her anymore.

My New Co-Host: Al Roker?!? 

Let’s be frank: The opening of the red carpet is a little spare, to be kind. But just as Janell and I gave up any hope of talking to a legitimate star in the first 30 minutes, there he was, emerging like a beacon of truth and honour: Al Roker. Al happened to be positioned right next to us, you see. Unfortunately, what started as a fun time-killer turned into a pilot for “Roker & Co.” as he interjected his amusing(?) factoids during a bunch of our early chats. Thanks, Al. I think.

What was your favourite red carpet moment?