AUTHOR: Gil Kaufman,

Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

A day after re-activating his Twitter account following last week’s profane blow-up with comedian Jenny Johnson, Chris Brown finally posted his first tweet on Monday.

It was a short, sweet message, “#CarpeDiem,” promoting his current tour of the same name, but his fans ate it up.

Meanwhile, even as he’s keeping his Twitter traffic at a low hum, the singer appears to have switched his social media energy to Instagram, where he continued to post a series of provocative pictures.

@chrisbrown YAAASSSSSS,” wrote superfan @Barb4Life about the return tweet, adding” LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.”

The welcome from @IamYankCliff was warm as well, with the message, “@chrisbrown welcome back hommie.” Another, @BelsTheWay, was clearly excited about the return, writing, ” OMG! YOU BACK ON THIS ACCOUNT AGAIN!! LOVE YOU CHRIS <3 RT.” Back on his Instagram feed, Brown posted a series of images chronicling his trip to an Amsterdam coffee shop, along with some shirtless shots of him after a cardio boxing workout before his Monday night gig. “Boxing training before show. Catching any fade!” he wrote.

Clearly enjoying the freedoms of Amsterdam, he also uploaded a picture of a giant, burning joint, followed by an image of him toking three lit blunts with the caveat, “Oh don’t worry. It’s medicinal!! Lol.”

The barrage of nearly a dozen photos included several more shots of Brown and company burning the midnight (hash) oil in one of Amsterdam’s legendary cafes, an image of him holding a cannabis cup award trophy and an arty image of smoke trailing out of his mouth with the caption, “#ohb #dromodel!!!”

Tuesday morning’s (December 4) barrage of nearly a dozen more images included close-ups of the bloodshot eyes of Brown and his crew, a series in which one of his crew members overindulges and a group shot of Team Breezy’s wristwatches with the legend, “Am I my brother’s keeper??”

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