Scrubbing In



Heather is constantly judged for her looks and is going on this traveling nurse adventure to prove to herself and others that she can be taken seriously. She is leaving behind her dedicated boyfriend Dalton, but believes the sacrifice is worth it. Dalton, however, doesn't want to let her go and does all he can to lock down her commitment to him and their future. Despite this relationship, Heather finds temptation in hot new guys who encourage her to pursue her dreams. How will she handle being on her own with the added pressure of working in a new hospital setting? Will she stay faithful to Dalton, or will she return home to unwelcome arms?


Adrian has heartthrob looks that seem like they don't belong in a hospital or under scrubs. He was the ultimate SoCal beach boy until his brother passed away after spending over a year in the hospital. Adrian got to see examples of the best and worst care nurses can give. Since then, he has cut back on partying and is focusing on moving forward with his career. Adrian realizes that becoming a traveling nurse so early in his career is extremely rare, but he wants to leave his past behind and this opportunity is the perfect excuse. But is moving 90 minutes north far enough to escape his past? Will Adrian stay focused on work or go back to his old ways?


Tyrice has been a traveling nurse for three years and loves the lifestyle it provides. She is not looking for any type of commitment, but will do anything to get attention. You never know which Tyrice you're going to get. She has the sweetest bedside manner, but if you cross her in any way (even imagined), she will unleash her temper on you and anyone around you. Despite this, she wonders why she is single and why it is so hard to get along with the group of travel nurses from Pittsburgh. You would think getting along with her fellow Louisianan, Chris, would be easy, but instead they have a classic love/hate dynamic depending on the time of day.


Chris is the ultimate bachelor living the life. He has worked in 23 different ER's in last few years and has likely dated just as many women. Although he looks like the boy next door, his Southern charm can get any lady to fall for him. Chris considers himself "religious" and has never smoked or had a drink in his life, but, he says he can still out-party anyone who does. Can he handle living with a group of nurses who party just as hard as they work? Will he set aside his bachelor life and actually allow himself to fall for the right woman, or will he just continue to play the field?


Michelle is the nice, innocent nurse who is leaving her mother's home for the first time. She also just got out of a 5-year relationship and finds herself single for the first time in her adult life. She has nothing holding her back and she's ready to go exploring. She's excited about the chance to continue nursing in one of the coolest places in the world, especially knowing it's not permanent. She enters this journey wide-eyed and ready for any adventure that comes her way. Can she stay out of a relationship for the summer or will she resort to her old ways and hook up and settle down right away with someone? And what happens when Tyrice ends up as her roommate?