Real World


Real World: Portland | Jordan

Jordan excels at nearly everything he tries. In high school, he was a captain of the football, baseball, and wrestling teams, and he is now a semi-professional wake boarder. He tried out for the cheerleading team on a friend's dare and four national championships later, he's clearly proved to his friend that he can do anything he puts his mind to. All of this despite the fact Jordan was born with no fingers on his left hand. But he doesn't view this as a handicap and has never let it slow him down--in sports, or with the ladies. Jordan credits his achievements to tough love from his father, who accepted neither excuses nor failures. Jordan is an overachiever who doesn't just like things done his way, he needs them done his way. In fact, Jordan has never been wrong. Or at least that's what he would have you believe. He often finds himself fighting with others who don't live up to his high standards. The same is true in Portland, where he clashes time and again with nearly everyone in the house. He particularly has conflict with Jessica and Anastasia, who refuse to put up with his criticism of them. Jordan is very ambitious and is currently studying Marketing at the University of Central OK. His biggest fear is dying without making his mark on the world. Underneath this hard exterior, there's a deep pool of insecurity and self-doubt that slowly reveals itself in Portland.

Real World: Portland | Marlon

Quite literally the son of a preacher man, Marlon was raised with strong religious values and beliefs, which causes inner conflict when you love sex as much as he does. He doesn't want to disappoint his father, who raised him after his parents divorced when he was six months old. The first time Marlon laid eyes on his mother was in the coffin at her funeral when he was in the seventh grade. As a military brat, Marlon traveled the world with his father but never stayed in one place long enough to make lifelong friends. In high school, Marlon excelled at football and became something of a local celebrity when he was a linebacker for Texas Tech. He twice received Honorable mention in the All-Big 12 conference and was even trying to go pro, before being cut by the Canadian Football League. After his football career faded, Marlon went through a low point and in his depression, did some things that his roommates will be shocked to hear about. Marlon is in a better place now and is currently working towards a degree in Industrial Engineering. People in Lubbock still recognize him as Marlon the football star, but he hates that people judge him for no longer playing. Marlon sees coming to Portland as a chance to start fresh without having to deal with people's preconceived notions about who he is today.

Real World: Portland | Nia

Despite graduating Magna Cum Laude from Howard University, not a day goes by that Nia's parents don't make it known how disappointed they are in her for not going out and getting a regular job. But as far as Nia is concerned, she's 23, hot, and should still be having fun with her life. She has a number of career goals, including being a writer, a philanthropist, and a model, but so far, she's been fired from four out of the five jobs she's ever had. Her problem is she can't keep her opinions to herself. 6 feet tall and athletic, she doubts she will ever succeed as a model because she can't give up her addiction to fast food. So maybe the book she's currently writing --a guide on how to find, date and keep professional athletes --will be her meal ticket to success. Nia grew up in the small town of Powder Springs, GA. Upon relocating to DC for college, she found herself overwhelmed by the rough urban environment. At eighteen, she learned to toughen up fast after a terrible experience with a guy. In a lengthy legal battle, the man who she accused of date rape was acquitted. To this day, "Hurricane" Nia veers from acting sexually open and aggressive to being terrified that a man may attack her again. In Portland, she comes to the protection of the other girls in the house when she feels they are being attacked by Jordan. She embarks on a full-on crusade to destroy and embarrass him. Despite all this outward aggression, Nia admits that she can be emotionally defensive, and hopes some of those walls will come down in Portland. Only problem is, with someone as explosive as Nia in the Real World House, will any walls be left standing?