Are You The One



Amanda Garcia

Brains, beauty, and full of confidence, Amanda is a perfect ten. However, her past relationships have left her feeling insecure and settling for guys who aren’t up to standard. Always preferring to be the heartbreaker rather than the heartbroken, Amanda is quick to dump a guy before he can dump her. Can she learn to trust or will she dump her perfect match before she knows it’s him?


Austin Sheets

After joining the military at the age of 17, Austin turned all of his energy on launching multilevel marketing endeavors. A laser focus and extremely high standards have made Austin a self-made man with little time for anything else. Unfortunately the same high standards that have made him a success in business have been his Achilles heel in love. Will Austin be able to loosen up enough to realize that love isn’t all business?


Chuck Mowery

Chuck has the charm, looks, and swagger of a bad boy but, a heart of gold. For Chuck, getting the girls isn’t the problem. The problem is the girls he picks. Chuck admits that he is attracted to crazy but, soon enough finds he can’t handle it. Can Chuck learn that there is a difference between what the heart wants and what the heart needs?


Connor Smith

Standing at 6'8" tall, Connor is a gentle giant. After watching his mother not find true love until she was 50, Connor became determined to find his soulmate as soon as possible. Life is too short to spend it without your true love. But in his haste to find the one, Connor’s high energy and big ambitions often leave women in the dust. Can Connor slow down long enough to let his perfect match catch up?


Devin Walker-Molaghan

Devin seeks to live life to its fullest and his passion for adventure means that he is always the life of the party. Ever since the end of his last serious relationship that sense of adventure has seeped into his dating life. Between picking up women at the club to organizing threesomes through Tinder, Devin has been keeping very busy. However, Devin is a romantic at heart who is looking for a deeper connection than his dating habits would suggest. With a personal motto of “never give up on love,” can Devin find the girl who can keep up with his frantic pace?