AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” isn’t just a really great song (uh, we blame Pandora)–it can actually happen, judging by last night’s “Underemployed,” in which Raviva got sick and tired of mulling around the house alone, and began working on her music at a nearby cafe. It was only a matter of time before she met another young artist named Jamel, and as soon as they started talking, a more-than-friendly connection between the two was cemented.

After a second or third run-in over java, Jamel took Raviva on a little field trip to get a better look at the Chicago landscape. Since he’d already shared some of his recordings with her, Jamel requested Raviva sing something original. She was shy, but obliged after demanding he look the other way, and her a capella performance amounted to the perfect end of a perfect… date?

Raviva and Lou had decided awhile back to commit to each other, but Raviva certainly made no effort to get out of Jamel’s way when he leaned in to kiss her goodnight. She told him it couldn’t happen again, but MAN, the words didn’t exactly slide off her tongue.

Whaddya think–should Raviva keep her commitment to Lou, or should she see where things go with Jamel? Tells us in the comments below!