AUTHOR: Cherylann Nesbitt,

Photo: MTV

It wasn’t long after Lou made the “tipsy” mistake of locking lips with his co-worker Bekah that he started to have his regrets. We understand that temptation can sometimes get the best of you but the guy lives with his girlfriend and their newborn child! Is he trying to ruin his life?

Luckily, Lou makes it clear to Bekah that a romance is not in the cards. In tonight’s sneak peek of “Underemployed” it appears she got the message but has a few things she wants to clear up with him.

“I don’t let anyone get in the way of where I’m headed and I don’t mess with other people’s journey’s either. It is a free goldfish bowl.” Bekah explains to Lou in the clip below. “So… if you ever want to kiss me or touch me or whatever me again and I don’t tell you to stop, you don’t need to apologize, you just need to keep on going.”

Check out the sneak peek and tune in tonight at 10:00pm et/pt to find out if Lou will do the right thing.