AUTHOR: Hilary Allan
12:28 pm

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images/MTV

If you, like me, went through a complete Vampire Diaries obsession phase, you were probably a diehard fan of Kat Graham. The actress played the beloved Bonnie Bennett in the iconic dark teen drama, and was the BFF you wish you had in high school. Now, she’s making history as the first black woman to portray April O’Neil in the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. As you can imagine, Kat’s schedule is pretty stacked, but she was able to wiggle in a visit to the TRL studio.

Kat recently dropped her sophomore album, Love Music Funk Magic, which she worked on with the legendary Prince! The project is a nod to Studio 54 and the glorious disco days. Kat also revealed an exclusive sneak peek of her new music video for “Magic.” Finally, DC Young Fly tried to bust Kat’s acting chops in The Third Degree but failed miserably. Bonnie Bennett can’t be duped!

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