AUTHOR: Kristina Lucarelli,

After Corey admitted last week that he still had feelings for Leah, more than half of you voted in our post  that it wasn’t fair for him to even bring up the subject. And, on tonight’s "Teen Mom 2," Leah sided with the majority when she chose to put Corey behind her once and for all. In the MTV after show clip below, she discusses how Jeremy’s commitment to her and the girls helped her make a fresh start and finally get over her "perfect family" complex.

Leah’s decision to move into a new home was fairly symbolic of her desire to remove herself from any romantic connection to Corey, and when Jeremy threw out the idea that heshould move into the house with her, she realized she’d picked the right guy. "I was a little bit shocked to know that he did want to be so involved with us so soon," Leah admits of Jeremy’s display of devotion. But that didn’t stop her from listening to her heart and taking their relationship to the next level.

+ So, were you surprised that Jeremy wanted to step up and take a larger role in her life? Share your opinion in the comments, and be sure to check out the video for more from Leah on how their relationship progressed.


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