AUTHOR: Kristina Lucarelli,

Photo: MTV

There’s nothing easy about co-parenting, especially when the parents are at odds over custody matters. So when Kailyn decided to file for more custody of Isaac tonight on “Teen Mom 2,” we felt for both her and Jo. Kail wanted to revise their arrangement after concluding that Jo wasn’t taking full advantage of his time with their son; meanwhile, Jo didn’t understand her motives to cut into Isaac’s already limited visits.

Two hours and a tense mediation later, Jo–who didn’t agree to anything–was temporarily reduced to having Isaac just two weekends out of the month. A motion that, understandably, made him extremely upset and ready to repeal the court order as soon as possible. Kailyn, not wanting things to get to a messy legal level, invited Jo over to discuss the scheduled changes. “Do you still feel the need to go to court?” she asked him, point blank.  “I really don’t know right now,” he answered. “If we can work something out on our own, which, we both know would be the best direction to go, then there’d be no need.”

Can these exes put their hard feelings aside and do what’s best for Isaac? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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