AUTHOR: Kristina Lucarelli,

On the Season 4 premiere of “Teen Mom 2,” Jenelle was gushing (well, as much as Jenelle can gush) about how much her new Marine boyfriend, Gary, meant to her. Even Barb approved! But all that seems shot to hell in this sneak peek of the next episode. So close, Jenelle, soooo close!

In the clip below, the young mother learns that Gary slept with her former best friend, Tori, right before they started dating, and his lie by omission stings almost as bad as the act itself. Gary pleads his case for a second chance, saying, “At the time we were just friends.” Jenelle’s not having any of it, though, especially as his defense devolves into word vomit littered with machismo. “I was single,” he recalls. “I could have f**ked you, Tori, Allison…I could have f**ked whoever I wanted to that night.” Not surprisingly, his crude attempt at logic sets Jenelle off on quite the tirade.

Look, Gar. When you’re trying to get back in your girlfriend’s good graces, perhaps it’s best not to imply that she’s a dime a dozen. Just a suggestion.

Check out the fight, and make sure to tune in to “Teen Mom 2,” Monday at 10e/p, to find out if Jenelle forgives Gary.


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