AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Kids say the darndest things? Nah, kids do the most ridiculous sh**. Generally speaking, Rob Dyrdek and his crew analyze the questionable behaviour of adults, but on the next episode of “Ridiculousness,” he and Mac Miller set their sights on kids — more specifically, the ones who talk a whole bunch of smack. You thought minors were safe from this group’s criticism? Nooooope. The sneak peek below proves that ankle-biters who tape their mega fails are just as deserving of Rob’s ridicule.

In “Cocky Kids,” the red couch dwellers laugh their butts off at children who talk the talk, but can’t really seem to walk the walk — or, in the first kid’s case, can’t bike the bike. And after a smug girl scout, an overconfident trampolinist and a kid who thinks his stunt is worthy of a “lifetime achievement award” all plead their cases, you might begin to consider the merits of sterility. JUST KIDDING! KIDS ARE SUPER GREAT AND GOOD. THEY’RE REALLY THE BEST.

Check out the clip, and tune in to an all-new “Ridiculousness,” Thursday night at 10e/p!


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