AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Florida’s the spot for relaxing beach getaways, and for the ski bunny bunch, there’s no better place to unwind than Colorado. But when the inclination to purge any and all stress strikes hard, America’s Pacific Northwest is where it’s at. Portland, Oregon, in particular, has become a recent Mecca for the go-with-the-flow crowd. But the city of bike lanes, indie bookstores and micro-breweries is about to get shaken up when a whole new “Real World” cast touches down in March!

In this trailer for the show’s 28th season, we meet a group of twenty-somethings who, though ostensibly different, share a common aim of wanting to escape. But the “band of misfits,” as one housemate calls her new family, quickly finds that honeymoon periods come with an expiration date. As soon as the novelty of mountain views and scenic parks wears off, these seven strangers are sure to prove their true colours can be as murky as their city’s rain spells.

Check out what’s to come when “Real World” hits Portland on March 27 at 10e/p, and share your initial thoughts on the cast!


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