AUTHOR: By: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Photo: MTV

Real World: St. Thomas” is right in the midst of shooting, and little do the seven roommates know that Ten Spot Blog has been granted access–for the first time EVER–to two of the most private areas of the house: the confessional and webcam. Check the blog throughout the weeks leading up to the show’s summer premiere for ongoing insider info and video snippets featuring the new season’s cast!

Upon their arrival in St. Thomas, the new “Real World” cast members cut straight to bonding over Margaritas and taking in strays, so it was only a matter of time before someone in the house hit another of the show’s cornerstones: crush admittance!

Smitten Laura makes it clear she’s got a bit of a thing for Trey (or…is it Walter…?) in the Spy Cam video below. She and her unmistakable red-hot ‘do note that only tall dudes are worth kissing…and Trey’s tall…but that doesn’t mean she wants to kiss Trey. Huh? Whatever happened to 1+1 = 2? Stupid math…


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