Hey there internet lurkers. Kate here! I’m one of those randoms who chatted about losing my v-card on Losing It. Sexy right? Actually it wasn’t. Think more along the lines of weird, but I say that in a good way. Opening up that old chapter of my past was completely bizarre but fun. Like reading an old journal, you look back and see how all the tiny things that seemed so intense and magnified were in fact nothing to stress about. On the off chance that you’re a young teen tempted by all things penis and vagina (or penis and penis OR vagina and vagina for that matter) let me just say this: RELAX and BE SAFE! I only caps lock because I love. Don’t worry about whatever gossip girl told you, wait until you find some babe that you care about and feel safe around. Don’t try and force anything. Let the force be with you. Cool? Cool.

xoxo Kate Killet


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