AUTHOR: Chad Barclay, Producer of "Losing It"

Photo: MTV

Losing your virginity is for some, a pretty monumental moment in one’s life and for others, it’s something they’d rather forget. But for those that remember it’s more of a sense memory really. The smell of patchouli and stale tobacco mixed with rum and coke. Sweet and herbal but kind of nauseating all together. But for many those smells reignite the memories and then the details come back, and that is where the story gets interesting.

Personally, I don’t remember my first time very well…there was too much drinking, an American girl and a row boat involved. I remember that much…oh, and it didn’t last very long. I certainly don’t remember any “oh that was awesome, you’re amazing” type things being said. Just awkward grunts, bangs, and ouches and at one point something fell in the water. But it was the only first time I had…though I sometimes count my first time with someone I gave a shit about as my real “first time.”

However, truth be told, my actual first time wasn’t pretty. It’s amazing how everyone has a unique story and more amazing how much it reveals about a time in your life and a time in culture…what music was playing, what you were wearing, and what you were saying are all beacons of a time. So, a two minute story about losing your virginity actually encompasses a lot more. That’s what makes it compelling…that and the sex part I guess.

Speaking of sex…how little most of our cast had learned about sex in class or at home was not shocking but a little disturbing. I was relieved actually, as I had never gotten “the talk” and only remember excruciating moments in health class where our Hungarian Phys-Ed teacher awkwardly told us about penises and vaginas and how they make babies…and the term “babies” was what he used for everyone in gym class. “Uh…come on babies, pick up the pace!!” Slightly traumatizing. Nothing like Catholic schools though, as we learned filming Losing It.

When I pitched this idea, I knew it depended on getting the right people to tell their stories, because everyone’s story is compelling…but the actual telling of the story on camera is a whole other thing. So we want to say thank you to our amazing “cast” for being brave and compelling and most of all, willing to share. The show is interesting and funny because of you. Kudos for telling the story of your first time to all Canadians!

Thank you and be safe.


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