AUTHOR: Amanda Brooke-Perrin

Photo: Amanda Brooke-Perrin/ Facebook

Hello, tender tree trollops!

My episode of MTV’s “Losing It” aired on February 18th… which was Family Day. LOL @ HORRIFYING.

Since I don’t get MTV at home (WHAT’S UP, BASIC CABLE?) I had to wait until the episode was uploaded online. The night it aired I was following along on Twitter using the hashtag #MTVLosingIt. Some of the responses were hilarious and (shockingly) all of them were positive. Here are some of the highlights:


Tiffany ‏‪@Knives__Chau

“My parents would rather take a bath in acid than talk sex with me” ~‪#MTVlosingit

Karley Horse ‏‪@karleyhorsey

“I was a caged sexual animal ready to be released to the world; or just his penis” ‪#mtvlosingit

Shawn Hannant ‏‪@Hurley4me

“I think I need to be best friends with ‪#Amanda who was on a recent episode of ‪#MTVLosingIt cause she’s fucking hilarious” ‪#letsgetthisdone


I had kind of forgotten what I had said during filming. I mean, obviously the story remained the same, but I was worried that I may have said something negative about the other half of my losing it experience (AKA the boyfriend I had lost my virginity to.) Thankfully MTV didn’t edit it to make him look like a monster. He actually texted me yesterday to say he had watched it and laughed about it.

What I forgot to say in the episode was this: Don’t put so much pressure on your first time. It’s going to happen eventually. If it’s good, great! If it’s bad, well… that’s okay too! Also, if it’s bad, you should probably tell your story on MTV’s Losing It.


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