Shooting our last few "Jersey Shore Hook-up" episodes–ever–was a bittersweet occasion. Sure, we’ll never have a shortage of online after shows to develop, but the "Hook-up" was a legendary career experience. If you could have only been a fly on the wall to hear half of the lewdness that got nixed by our Standards department, ultimately meeting its demise on the cutting room floor… The s**t said within those studio walls will forever hold a special place in the most private, Freudian recesses of our minds. But we digress.


Nicole poses for a quick pic right before hitting the "Hook-up" stage.


The end of an era.

Following tonight’s episode of "Jersey Shore," you can head straight on over to to watch a whole new cast–Snooki, Ronnie and Vinny–make Mr. Beautiful a.k.a. Kenny Santucci blush. (A tall feat, if you know him from "The Challenge.") In the meantime, check out a teaser of tonight’s "Hook-up," as well as these incredible photos taken on set by MTV’s own Colin Gray. That’s me in the burka-inspired sweater, along with my co-producers Jesse Loyd (far right) and Ana Valente (far left), who has politely tolerated being called Daria by the cast throughout the years). I thank them for being the best, hardest working team I’ve ever had the pleasure of creating a totally inappropriate, sometimes X-rated online series with.


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