AUTHOR: Tina Smithers,

Despite a handful of hookups and booze-fueled cuddle fests, Snooki and Vinny share a special bond that goes far beyond trying to stick it in. When it comes to the dudes of “Jersey Shore,” Vin has often been Nicole’s male JWOWW. Her two-legged Crocadilly. Her best Italian bro–after Jionni, of course. So when Snooks got engaged and ish got mega-awkward with Vin, we got sad. Then we cheered up during last week’s episode when peace was restored during a heart-to-heart in the Rivoli’s parking lot. Their mended friendship was the perfect way to top off their most noteworthy bestie moments. Let’s relive the magic, one clip at a time!

Scootin’ on the boardwalk (Season 6, Episode 11): When Vin felt too sick to hit the clubs, Snooki took her fellow “handicapped” friend hostage, and they played like old folks at the shore. Because, ya know, seniors have motorized scooter beach parties, like, all the time.

Showing support even when it hurts (Season 5, Episode 2): When Vinny’s mounting anxiety became so overwhelming that he debated leaving the house, Snooki encouraged him to do what’s best for his own sanity and go home if that’s what he needed. True friends selflessly support each other no matter what.

Vinny to the rescue (Season 1, Episode 5): It was the punch heard ’round the shore when a douchebag drunkenly socked sweet Snooks in the face. While the other guidos fumed at the jerk outside, Vinny was the only guy brave enough to enter the ladies’ room to tend to the shaken Nicole. Entering no man’s land for your bud? That’s real friendship right there.

Playing fetch with the cancer stick (Season 4): In the above Jersey Shore Dailies clip, Vin spoke some jumbled Italian while Snooki begged for her cig back. There’s really no point to these shenanigans, other than that even when they’re just messing around for no reason, they’re pretty freakin’ adorbs.

Dancing on the boardwalk (Season 5, Episode 8): A blitzed Snooki and Vinny hit up Seaside for some good ol’ meatball-approved antics, including a pretend game of seniors-playing-pool. They really love their their old geezer alter-egos, don’t they?

He swallowed his pride to make things right with Jionni (Season 6, Episode 11): It takes a real man (and a real friend) to clear the air and make things right for the sake of a bestie. Vin’s chitchat with Jionni ended with a hug and a mutual “AWWWW, HOOOORAY!” across the nation. Now he can come to the wedding!


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