AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Photo: MTV

We knew Mike’s exercise regimens weren’t always the most… methodical (lone butterfly stretches in the Italian atrium, anyone?) but his latest “Jersey Shore” fitness routine involves a technique usually reserved for Guantanamo prisoners. Before launching into a rooftop boxing session with his trainer in the Jersey Shore Dailies clip below, Sitch dips his head into the hot tub (OK, not all the way in…) to hype himself up, and when he’s good, wet and stretched, he finally gets down to business.

Maybe Mike’s been watching “Tomb Raider” on repeat, or perhaps the many James Bond interrogation scenes have left him feeling inspired, but we can’t help but feel like there should be a burly dude named Jones or Marley hovering over him, shouting “WHERE ARE THE DOCUMENTS?!” as he forces Mike in and out of the water. Our prize fighter eventually gets to his workout, but, man, the video has all the makings of an action-thriller’s nail-biting climax.


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