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The Situation

Jersey Shore

It’s Mike ‘The Situation”s Family’s Turn To Shine In ‘The Sorrentinos’

Snooki and Lorenzo Bench Press

Jersey Shore

Snooki Prepares Lorenzo For The ‘G’ in GTL, Sets Him Up With Kiddie Bench Press


Cory of ‘Real World: Ex-Plosion’ decided to bring Vinny’s famed ‘Jert’ back to life, but who wore it best?

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leslie simon, mtv.com

Photos: Mike Sorrentino’s Instagram, TV Guide Network

The former ‘Jersey Shore’ star’s brothers come prepared with their own clever one-liners.

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Cherylann Nesbitt, MTV.ca

Photo: Snooki's Instagram Account

We take a look back at the ‘Jersey Shore’ days when Snooki first started hitting the GYM hard!

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sarah crow, mtv.com

Photo: Bethenny Frankel Show

The reality TV star told talk show host Bethenny Frankel how his abuse of painkillers got started.

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kristina lucarelli, mtv.com

SamRon find themselves in ‘Makeover Manor,’ a mock-reality show featuring famous home-improvement personalities.

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