When Heidi Montag felt queasy several months back, the Hills alum had a hunch she might be expecting (and she most certainly was!). But it wasn’t the first time the MTV vet associated this common symptom that comes with carrying a bundle of joy. Behold, the infamous Hills hoax!

“I’ve been feeling really sick and really nauseous — I’ve never really felt like this before,” the then-21-year-old told her then-boyfriend Spencer Pratt (such bbs!) in the throwback Season 2 clip above. “I’m just kind of worried.” The crystal lover’s stunned reaction sure says it all…

While we now know she wasn’t having a mini H or S (yet!) — and the Colorado native was never actually worried about a positive test result — the goal of finding out her partner’s loyalty was a success. Please show this scene to your future spawn, Speidi!

Relive the glorious gold in the clip above — and be sure to stay with MTV News as the couple gears up to welcome their kiddo!


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