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‘Geordie Shore”s Big Birthday Battle special is set to air on MTV next week and it’s got us feeling a little nostalgic. The new series features current and former cast members­—that’s right, James, Jay, Ricci, Sophie, and Dan are back to join the season 12 crew! This time, Geordie Shore originals (and favourites) Gaz and Charlotte are going head-to-head to see who can plan the best night out. In light of Geordie Shore’s fifth birthday and the cast’s respective #TeamGaz and #TeamCharlotte squads, we decided to put a list together of our favourite Chaz moments.

1. When they first met

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Sparks flew rather quickly for the pair. Gary called his first impression of Charlotte a “good start” and Charlotte called him “quite nice” in a confessional session of her own. Though everything between the pair got a little messy after they hooked up, we couldn’t exclude this essential Chaz moment from our list.

2. Their first “date”


Who could forget about this outing that Charlotte insisted was a date?

3. That time they pretended to be Jack and Rose from Titanic


They were really teasing us here.

4. When Gary said this


5. And this


6. Whenever they looked out for each other



Throughout these 12 seasons, Gary and Charlotte have argued a lot, but it’s the amount of arguing they do that lets us know how much they care for each other. How many times has Gary had to carry Charlotte to bed? We’ve lost count. And let’s not forget to mention how he took care of her after she and Marnie had a huge falling out at the end of season 12.

7. Every time they cuddled


8. When they brushed each other’s teeth


Gross or heart-fluttering make you grin until your cheeks hurt cuteness?

9. Every time they made up



They say it over and over again, they love each other to bits. Girlfriends and boyfriends (*cough* Lillie, *cough* Mitch) come and go but Chaz always finds their way back to each other.

10. When they FINALLY decided to see where things go…for real this time?


We’ll have to wait and see! Tune into ‘Geordie Shore’ on Wednesday May 18th at 12e/9p on MTV!


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