AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

While SnookiPauly D and the “Jersey Shore” gang’s invasion of Italy is just around the corner, another crowd’s European misadventures recently came to a close. After six episodes worth of infidelity, games of “Tash, Bang and Swill” and faking unconsciousness to avoid sex, England’s “Geordie Shore” cast secured themselves as solid competition for Seaside Heights’ finest. And it’s no surprise. After a catching a few episodes, we noticed some striking similarities between both “Shore” stars. Take a look at the British counterparts to your favorite guidos and guidettes:

Vicky and Jay argued…a whole lot: Ron and Sa–or, Vicky and Jay had trouble navigating the complexities of a relationship post-hookup. What started with magic amounted to argument after argument and nothing but annoyance from their fellow tenants. Sounds sort of familiar…

Holly didn’t get along with her roommates and stormed out…twice: The 18-year-old came into the house with a relationship on the rocks and trouble fitting in with the other girls. So, she jumped ship, came back and fled once more. If history really does repeat itself, we look forward to seeing her on Season 2.

Charlotte-Letitia was the queen of one-liners: “My top tip for how to pull a fit guy: Don’t wear a bra. Get them nipples out, chestnuts on an open fire and all that.” Oh, and she maintained a strict “tin diet,” which involved direct can-to-mouth consumption of “Spaghetti Hoops.” Actually sounds tastier than pickles.

Gaz had an issue with shirts: Wearing them, in general. You get the picture “situation.”



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