AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Photo: MTV

“If you’ve ever put muddin’ on your dating profile, got your penis auto corrected or tweeted about kitchen sex, we’re onto you.” Yes, we think we’re really starting to like this Hasan Minhaj! On this week’s “Failosophy,” the comedian led us like a shepherd through the latest social media blunders, and from the unfortunate auto correct of “black Pumas” (use your brains…) to a pregnant skateboarder’s photo posts, there was plenty to choose from. Still, three #fails in particular had us cringing the most (in the best way possible, of course).

First up, a young woman who, like many college students, wanted to brag about her semester abroad. Unfortunately, her stories involved confusing a bidet for a foot washer and getting her toes stuck in said ass-cleaning machine. Not a great look, but possibly worse off was a man named Scott who asked a late-night Dunkin’ Donuts cashier if he could snag a batch before the store threw them away after closing. Good news: He got the donuts. Bad news: The glazed treats came at the expense of his hygiene, as he accidentally dropped his phone into a dumpster full of fish goo while trying to get his hands on the pastries. We admire his commitment.

Finally, one very brave single gal stepped forward to admit that, during a terrible date, she sent an emergency text to her friend to save her from the disaster, only to discover the man across the table was on the phone’s receiving end. Ouch! We hope she followed up with, “Can we still be friends?”

Tell us in the comments which #fail was the best/worst of the bunch!


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