‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ Part 2: What We Learned From Tonight’s Degrassi


Captain Who was under high security, but that didn’t make Zig feel any less threatened by Damon’s crew. Winston couldn’t cut it when it came to kissing Zoe, even if it was just acting, and Becky learned Jonah had some pretty good acting skills of his own.

Check out the recap for The Kids Aren’t Alright Part 2 below and don’t miss the two-episode finale of Degrassi Friday, July 31 at 9e/6p, and catch Degrassi the movie Don’t Look Back Sunday at 9e/6p!

The Show Must Go On

Winston struggled to get through rehearsals with Zoe playing his love interest. Turns out his kiss with Lola turned him off of kissing anyone BUT Frankie. Too bad Frankie quit the musical and refused to speak to him ever again.


When Winston couldn’t figure out Frankie’s reasoning for being as upset as she was, Zoe had to step in to point out the obvious… Frankie had been going through a hard time watching her parents go through a divorce, and was concerned that Winston would end up letting her down again and again, just like her Dad had.  degrassi-1314-1160

Winston called Frankie (from a payphone, because no cellphones, right.) and left her a message explaining that without her, the musical meant nothing. He apologized and begged for Frankie to perform in the show, but before he could finish, his time ran out.


Replacing Frankie with Zoe was pure luck, without anyone to replace Winston, he had no choice but to perform in the show. And it was pretty clear, he still had hopes Frankie would show up.degrassi-1314-1168

And she did!degrassi-1314-1169

Zig managed to make it too, but we’ll get to that later…degrassi-1314-1172

When it came time for the final kiss, Winston gave Frankie the option of cutting it from the scene altogether. Frankie chose to ignore the offer, and planted a big wet one on his sweet little face. degrassi-1314-1182 After the show was over, Frankie and Winston reconciled their differences, and of course, kissed some more. degrassi-1314-1186

Do the Right Thing

Vince was keeping a close eye on Zig and Tiny. He was protecting them, but more importantly, he was protecting himself and taking aggressive measures to do so.


The fear of someone coming after Maya was getting to Zig. He decided it was time to let Damon’s crew know he was ready to fight back. degrassi-1314-1156 Maya caught Zig stepping up to the crew that had been threatening them, and she wasn’t happy with what she saw.degrassi-1314-1157

Maya told Zig if his plan was to fight back, then she didn’t want to be around him.degrassi-1314-1158

When Zig picked up his phone after classes, a video message was waiting for him. degrassi-1314-1166

Damon had sent a video message from the hospital asking for a truce. He reminded Zig of the days when they’d been friends, and convinced him to get out while he still can. degrassi-1314-1165The message inspired Zig to handle the situation in a completely different way. He went to Detective Taylor, and told him everything. degrassi-1314-1167Vince came to wish Zig good luck right before his big debut, and that’s when the police showed up to arrest Vince. Vince seemed pretty confident it was Zig that told the police the truth.degrassi-1314-1170When Tiny found out his brother had been arrested, he threatened both Zig and Maya with a knife.
degrassi-1314-1178Zig tried to talk him down, but Tiny was too upset. degrassi-1314-1179

He was eventually able to make Tiny see that hurting him wouldn’t stop the struggle, it would only make it worse. degrassi-1314-1180 Zig and Tiny promised to look out for each other. They called their support contact, and he agreed to let them stay with him until they could get back on their feet, but Zig had one more stop to make before heading home. degrassi-1314-1184Damon may have been the one to call the truce, but he wasn’t the only one that wanted peace. Zig stopped by to visit his old friend at the hospital, and they finally both agreed on something—cheeseburgers with no onions!

The turf war was over, and Zig had his old friend back. degrassi-1314-1188

The Truth Hurts

Becky and Drew were back at the hospital volunteering when Damon asked Becky if she’d figured out who it was that stole her money. Drew was upset to learn that someone had stolen from her, and Becky admitted to thinking it might have been Jonah.
There was only one thing left to do, and she confronted Jonah in person.
degrassi-1314-1161When Jonah didn’t deny it, Becky demanded an explanation. Jonah confessed to having a history with drugs, and insisted that it was in the past. degrassi-1314-1162Becky was still unsure of her feelings. When Drew offered advice, she admitted to still caring about Jonah, even if he did steal from her. Drew offered his support and told Becky to do whatever she thought was best. degrassi-1314-1174Jonah promised he’d changed, but Becky couldn’t find it in herself to trust him.degrassi-1314-1175And just like that, she turned and walked away, ending the relationship. degrassi-1314-1177

Don’t miss the two-episode finale of Degrassi Friday, July 31 at 9e/6p on MTV!


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