The 10 Biggest OMG Moments From Last Week’s Degrassi

OMG Moments

Last week’s batch of new episodes of Degrassi (watch them again here) left us with no shortage of OMG moments. From first kisses to embarrassing science presentations, Degrassi delivered with story lines that have us glued to the screen.

Check out the biggest OMG moments from last week’s Degrassi and don’t miss all new episodes from the final season of Degrassi this Monday to Friday at 9E/6P on MTV!

10. Becky’s Browser History

If it’s possible for an entire TV show’s fan base to feel second-hand embarrassment for one character at the exact same time, then it definitely happened this week. Poor Becky was trying to educate herself on alternatives to sex in the privacy of her own browser and accidentally showed off her queries to the entire class. Is it too late two switch schools with only a few days left before graduation?


9. Gang Wars In the Matlin Home

Zig’s time in a gang has followed him all the way to the Matlin home. After Damon stabbed Tiny, Damon and his gang wanted to make sure Zig kept quiet about the attack and did so by breaking into the Matlin’s house.


8. Jonah and Becky’s First Kiss

The sexual tension between Jonah and Becky has been evident for a while, but Becky wanted to make sure she ended things with Drew before starting anything with Jonah. Becky and Drew were officially done before Becky and Jonah shared their first kiss, but Drew was still a part of it anyways since Becky was starring at him the whole time. Um, that was creepy, Becky.


7. Lola and Winston Kiss

Winston gets one compliment from a girl that isn’t Frankie and loses his mind. Dang it, Winston.


6. Lola Comes Clean To Frankie

If you kiss your best friend’s boyfriend is it better to keep it a secret or tell them? How about Option C ie. don’t kiss your best friend’s boyfriend. In all fairness to Lola, it was definitely Winston who initiated the kiss, but will telling Frankie just hurt her or alert Frankie to the fact that Winston isn’t the guy she thought he was?


5. Eclare Kiss

We really should have placed money on this kiss happening. We’d be rich!


4. Zig and Maya Kiss

Zig and Maya have been building up to this kiss for three seasons and finally delivered not one, not two, but three kisses, all taking place in the Matlin kitchen. We were pretty excited to see it finally happen, but we don’t think Mrs. Matlin felt the same.


3. Jack and Imogen Break Up

Jack and Imogen have been through a lot, but Jack’s decision to not come out to her parents was too much for Imogen. It looks like one of our favourite couples won’t be making it to graduation, but we’re still holding out hope.


2. Damon Stabs Tiny

Damon and Zoe’s detention war seemed to stay within the classroom, until Damon began bothering Zoe on her way home. When Zig and Tiny stepped in to help defend Zoe, no one could have known how quickly things would escalate, resulting in Tiny being stabbed by Damon and landing in the hospital. Thankfully, Tiny has recovered, but we’re scared to see where the gang war is leading.


1. Clare And Eli Lose Their Son

Just as Clare and Eli were finally getting their relationship back on track and allowing themselves to be excited about the birth of their son, the two received heartbreaking news. We were shocked when the doctor told the couple he couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat, causing our hearts to break for them.



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