Degrassi Recap 1318: ‘Better Man’

Alli in Episode 1318

We’ve spent the past week trying to recover from watching Leo’s attack on Alli and tonight’s episode finally closed the case. After failing to keep the abuse a secret from her friends and family, Alli eventually decided to report Leo to the police. Though, it hasn’t been easy for Alli and it will take time for everything to go back to normal, we’re confident the support of Jenna, Clare and her parents will have her back to being a science-nerd in no time.

Elsewhere in ‘Degrassi,’ Maya continues to struggle with life in the rubber room and Drew finds himself with a new job and a new lady friend. Check out the full episode recap in GIF form below!



Maya is still required to attend two classes a day in the rubber room—a place where they send all the ‘bad kids’ in an attempt to straighten them out. To Maya the rubber room is basically hell, but everyone else appears to be making the best of a bad situation, Zig included.


The rubber room kids see nothing but a princess when they look at Maya and the selfie pictured below kinda confirms said rumour. BUT, to be fair she’s actually attempting a rubber room makeover in hopes of fitting in. We all gotta start somewhere, right!?


The makeover scored Maya an invite to hang with the cool kids, but it’s going to take more than a fake nose ring to win Zig’s approval.


Maya’s new crew put her ‘good girl turned bad’ act to the test by making her shoot a fish tank with a BB gun. Surprised by her willingness to go through with it, but apparently not stupid enough to bring a real gun to school, they finally accepted her as one of them.

Drew is currently making the transition from troubled teen to responsible young adult and his position as school prez even landed him an interview with Politician, Mr. Hollingsworth. Lucky for Drew, Zoe was just around the corner ready to help…in preparation for the job interview, of course.


Zoe ended up being quite helpful and Drew got the job! He also left the interview with some wise advice from a politician; don’t show up to a job interview with a hickey on your neck.


Alli was torn between protecting Leo and turning him in but when she decided to get rid of her wedding ring, it was obvious she was headed in the right direction.


Alli knew the relationship had to end and she could never love someone that would harm her. Leo continued to call and text. Eventually he showed up at the school looking for her. That was when Alli knew calling the police was the right thing to do.



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