Degrassi 1334 Sneak Peek: ‘My Hero’ [Photos]

Degrassi 1334: Sneak Peek Pics

On last week’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘ we watch as Becky escaped into the online gaming world in order to avoid dealing with her family issues. Ever since her brother Luke was sentenced to house arrest for assaulting Zoe, things haven’t exactly been pleasant for the Baker family.

While we’re happy Becky was able to make a new friend online, even if he is a possibleCatfish,’ we’re still concerned that avoiding her family troubles isn’t the answer. In this week’s sneak peek pics, it looks like Becky will take another shot at talking to her mom. The question is, will her mom actually listen this time?

Check out the sneak peek pics and trailer below and don’t miss an all-new episode of ‘Degrassi’ Tuesday night at 9e/6p followed by ‘After Degrassi‘ hosted by Lauren Toyota and Phoebe Dykstra, only on MTV!


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