AUTHOR: Kristina Lucarelli,

Well, well, well. After four years of getting to know and love Vinny Guadagnino, we now find out he’s been messing with our minds the whole time! The “Jersey Shore” alum and future host of his own MTV show came clean on Twitter while watching last night’s “Catfish,” revealing himself to be a Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes hybrid–the furthest thing from a guido! Where are Nev and Max when you really need them?!

Perhaps Vin was inspired by Aaron’s “Catfish” confession, or maybe he was just tired of living a lie, but whatever compelled him to come forth about his true identity, we’re relieved he didn’t let the charade go on any longer. “Guys I have a confession. This isn’t Vinny, I’m a #Catfish and this is who I really am ….” he tweeted along with the photo below.

Hmm, if a pair of glasses is enough to fool everyone into thinking Clark Kent and Superman are different people, did Vinny really need to throw in the twirly mustache, too? That’s disguise overkill, man.



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