AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

If the guy pictured above said he was in a relationship with a former Miss Teen USA-winner, would you believe him? Sure, the idea’s a little far-fetched–even Joe is skeptical of his situation–but on the next “Catfish,” Nev and Max feel especially compelled to help “Average Joe” land the girl of his dreams, even if rooting for him seems like a shot in the dark.

The “Catfish” team pays Joe a visit in the 10-minute sneak peek of the next all-new episode below. Joe tells Max and Nev how the beauty pageant-bombshell messaged him after he broke up with his girlfriend and posted a “Lonely” status to Facebook. They’ve been in touch ever since. He’s concerned that his crush’s profile might be nothing more than a revenge stunt planted by his former flame. He wants to meet her, of course, but being cash-strapped has prevented him from leaving his small New York town.

Will Kari Ann be everything Joe’s hoped for? Or will a trip out west prove to be a total waste of time? See for yourself when “Catfish” returns Tuesday night at 9e/6p!


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