AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Admit it: If you were a teenager during the heyday of AOL, you found your way into a chat room or two, and maybe even developed a short-lived online friendship. For Kim, a Michigan ice cream shop manager on the next “Catfish,” the virtual connection she first made at 15 has lasted a decade. And Matt, who she believes could be her soulmate, is still very much a part of her life. So what’s the issue? Well, the former football player has resisted meeting Kim in person throughout their 10 year relationship. Hmmm.

Even though Kim has a living, breathing boyfriend, she tells Max and Nev in this 10-minute sneak of Tuesday’s first act that if she ever did get together with her virtual counterpart, it’d be game over for all other guys. “Whenever he calls or texts… I drop everything I’m doing,” she says. “If I were to ever meet him in person, I would automatically have a smile because I know he’s going to make me laugh.” But something’s still fishy in cyberspace, and Nev decides to put an investigation in motion. He listens in on a typical phone conversation between the kind-of couple, which amounts to a lot of excuses from Matt as to why they can’t meet or Skype. “Sorry to be disappointing as usual,” he says with a nervous laugh. Foreshadowing?

Check out the clip, share your predictions for Matt and Kim in the comments below and see how they fare Tuesday night at 9e/6p on MTV!


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