AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

Say or do the wrong thing in high school, and you could be branded a social pariah until graduation day. Unfortunately for 18-year-old Jennifer — the latest “Catfish” virtual love-hopeful — she was scorned by her high school classmates for trying too hard to make friends, and found solace in a “Sims”-like online community, where she finally got the acceptance that eluded her in real life. Now on the cusp of going to college, Jennifer tells Nev and Max in the sneak peek below that one guy she met through the site, Skylar, managed to capture her heart, and she’s ready to turn the connection they’ve forged into a romantic relationship.

Skylar, a college student studying computer tech, has always been there for Jennifer when she’s felt alone, she says. “With Skylar is the only time I can completely let myself go,” she tells the duo. “I love his voice. I love talking to him.” Jen says she hasn’t yet convinced him to video chat — which Nev and Max find suspicious considering his major — but when Jen explains that she doesn’t want to repeat her mistakes of pushing too hard, Max can suddenly empathize.

“It’s hard to be direct when you’re afraid of losing someone,” he says.

Could Jen and Skylar’s tale be another happy ending? Check out the full sneak peek, and tune in to the new episode Tuesday night at 10e/p!


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