AUTHOR: Matthew Scott Donnelly,

When you’re a kid, a lively imagination can turn a tree house into a magical castle or potted plants into royal subjects. When you’re an adult with a little free time and hulking construction equipment at your disposal, it can turn a excavator into the great Sissonville Roller CoasterShain from “BUCKWILD” took some time to explain the dynamics of his self-designed ride in the video below. If it’s any indication of what else is lurking in his backyard, we might have an entire makeshift amusement park on our hands.

“‘Round here, we don’t have amusement parks or everything,” Shain says in the clip before jumping on in to an excavator’s ready claw and signaling the operator. Then: Mayhem. We can’t say we’ve spun around in any sort of John Deere equipment, but Shain definitely makes a convincing argument in its favor. “I want in this!” he finally shouts out before being unloaded into the dirty pond below. Might not be a real carnival, but hopefully there’s still funnel cake…?

Check out the coolest ride this side of the Mississippi below, and be sure to tune in to the “BUCKWILD” premiere tomorrow night at 10:00pm et/pt on MTV!


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