AUTHOR: Kristina Lucarelli,

You can’t help but love Southern hospitality. Last night, Shain and Shae went on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to promote tonight’s “BUCKWILD” premiere. And like a true lady and gent, the two casties gifted Jimmy with not one but two homegrown treats: “Gandee Candy” and canned deer meat.

Shain’s family has a holiday tradition of making Gandee Candy that dates back to his great-grandma. Aww! “Straight out of the kitchen!” he tells Jimmy, who thought the goodies came from a store. Shae, on the other hand used to think the “candy” referred to something way more sexual than literal. But that was only an appetizer. The main course, naturally, was a heaping jar of canned deer meat. “Killed it myself,” Shain proudly proclaims in the video below.

When Jimmy asks what you can make with it, Shain explains, “you can make a stew out of it–heck you can just get a fork and eat it out of the jar if you want to!” But forget the fork–Jimmy reaches right in with his bare hands, in true “BUCKWILD” style, and shoves some of the kill right into his mouth. “It’s pretty good actually!” the host says with relief. Heck yeah, it’s pretty good! It’s straight from the Gandee home! Nothing’s better than some fresh home cookin’.

Check out the full interview and don’t forget to tune in TONIGHT at 10:00pm et/7:00pm pt for the double episode premiere!

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