AUTHOR: Kristina Lucarelli,

Photo: MTV

We’ve consistently warned you about the dangers of trying any “BUCKWILD” activities at home, but if our weekly recap of the gang’s crazy antics isn’t enough to turn you off, let this exclusive MTV interview with Shain serve as a VERY LOUD public safety announcement. Tire rolls and the Sissonville roller coaster may look fun, but as Shain describes in the video below, getting that “BUCKWILD” can land you in a hospital bed faster than you can say “yeehaw!”

We have to admit, Shain’s play-by-play of the tire roll (“Sky, grass, sky, grass!” he shouts) does make it sound better than your average amusement park ride; however, is the temporary thrill worth being on a first-name basis with your local ER docs? “It’s gotten to the point where when I walk in, all the doctors know my name, first and last,” he says of his frequent trips to the hospital. “[They’re like] ‘Well what’d you do this time?'” he jokes. Still, Shain doesn’t seem too worse for wear… minus the fact that one leg is shorter than the other due to a bad growth plate break. Hey, we bet the ladies of West Virgina dig a good pimp-limp!

Relive the tire roll from Shain’s POV, and tell us what your favourite “BUCKWILD” stunt has been so far!


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