AUTHOR: By: Kelli B. Bender,

Photo: MTV

Everyone remembers the “wah-wah-wah”ing faceless adults of Charlie Brown, right? Well, MTV’s “Beavis and Butt-Head” takes the idea a step further, axing the boys’ parents all together. Their lack of a present mom and dad became especially apparent during Episode 7, when the fake apocalypse rolled around. While the pair seemed content with chomping on nachos and flipping through naughty magazines for the rest of their days, we couldn’t help but wonder who’s responsible for these slackers. Someone has to wash those rock band shirts and restock the cupboard with Captain Crunch! Here are four of our best guesses as to where B&B’s legal guardians could be hiding.

1. On Tour With Ozzy: That would explain where all the head-banging and hate for pop music comes from. These two were probably rocking out in the womb!

2. Off Trying To Find Their Sons’ Some Chicks: As we’ve seen from watching the guys try and attempt it on their own, this ain’t any easy challenge. It’s most likely taking a lot of recruiting and overtime to find their sons a date. Who knows when they’ll be back.


3. Hanging Out In The Other Room: Hey, like father like son. Perhaps there are two equally lazy and deranged BFF dads watching TV down the hall.

4. Beavis And Butt-Head Were Raised By A TV: It makes sense. The pair’s comfort zone has always been around a boob tube and they sure take its content pretty seriously. Maybe their true parents dumped them in front of the idiot-box, peaced out and let it work its magic.


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