It might have been Jemmye who tossed Jenna into The Challenge Presidio against her BFF, Kailah, but it was Marie who (maybe accidentally) set the whole friendly showdown into motion — and now, she’ll have to pay the piper.

On tonight’s episode, the remaining players were shocked to find that D-Day had come, and two of the competition’s previously eliminated players (save for Simone and Shane, who were booted for fighting) would fight to return. All that stood between the castoffs and second life was a glorified game of King of the Mountain, and Tony, Darrell, Devin and Derrick fought hard, while Jenna, Amanda, LaToya and Briana gave it their all.

After six agonizing rounds of the day’s mission, in which players were challenged to knock a single same-sex opponent into the water, Tony and Jenna were officially the last man and woman standing, and earned return bids.

Jemmye, who’d just stuck out her neck to oust Jenna, was not happy.

“I just sent Jenna home,” she said. “I made a boss move with this double-cross and did what was necessary. I’m pissed.”

Still, it was Marie who might have had the most to lose. Quickly upon returning to the house, Jenna began to hear rumblings that Marie was the mastermind behind the move to separate Jenna and Kailah, and she immediately moved to do damage control.

Before Jenna had even put her bags down, Marie attempted to clear things up with Jenna, and insist that she hadn’t meant to stir up trouble. Still, Jenna saw the move as too little too late, and nothing more than a means for Marie to spare herself from The Presidio.

“I think Jenna and Kailah are gonna let bygones be bygones because they don’t necessarily have the best relationships with people in his house,” Marie considered.

But Jenna saw things differently.

“I still don’t trust Marie one-hundred percent,” Jenna said. “She screwed me over once, so why not screw me over again? I do forgive but I will never forget.”

And while Jenna was still a little vulnerable from having been booted, she said there was one benefit to having been eliminated and redeemed: the absolution of diplomacy. She said she planned to show no mercy.

“It’s so weird to have enemies, but it’s making the game a lot easier,” she said. “Rather than ‘Oh, I’m sorry for voting you in,’ now I really just don’t care.”

What do you think — is Marie totally screwed, and are her days numbered now that Jenna and Kailah are — again — a united front? Or, is Marie sitting pretty, and can she count on the rest of the house for support? Share your thoughts, and see how Marie handles the next leg of The Challenge next Tuesday at 9/8c!